Deleted Volume Recovery Mac

Recover Deleted Volume

Mac machine is enriched with excellent features developed by Apple Inc. Hard drive is a storage unit to store digital data, you can also store large amount of files and various programs in your disk. To properly utilize hard disk space, it is segmented to several logical drives known as volumes.  But you may face some situations sometime that may make you bit annoyed specially when you have deleted or lost your volume by mistake.

Like other Operating systems, Mac OS comprises of logical partition or volumes such as HFS+ and HFSX. You may save your office works document or any other valuable files in your volume partition and loss of these files may bring your work to a standstill.

Some scenarios that may lead to deletion of Mac volume:

  • Unintentional Deletion: There is a possibility that while deleting some partition or volume to get rid of some files present in it; you may delete some other partition by mistake. As a result you will lose all important files & folders and you may face several problems if you do not get them back.

  • External Threats:  Viruses like Trojan, adware, spyware, malware when gets into your system, it corrupts the file system present in it, which is necessary for working of the operating system properly. Due to harmful viruses, it may also lead to deletion of entire partition present in the system, resulting in heavy loss of data.

  • Error in Disk Partitioning:  Partitions get deleted or corrupted if any error occurs while performing the process of disk partitioning. Even a person with technical knowledge may also make a mistake which lead to an error and thus all the partition present in the system gets inaccessible. To know more details, click here

  • Power Surge:  When you have too much workload, you tend to work on your PC for long time, without noticing the frequent power failure. Sometimes all of a sudden computer hangs or shuts down, thereby affecting one or all the partitions present in it.

  • OS installation: Re-installation of Operating System is done frequently in today’s generation to install new operating systems that are enriched with advanced versions and equipped with attractive and excellent features. As a result of which, you may format or delete the partition containing essential files while installing OS by mistake.

You can avoid data loss by taking precautionary steps for e.g. keeping back up of important documents. If you fail to do so then no need to panic as you can recover deleted partition by using Partition Recovery Software. This application has excellent features in restoring files from Mac Operating System and also includes restoring all inaccessible files & folders from it. It can also sort restored files on size, name and date creation basis, etc. If you lose your Mac volume while re-partitioning process, the application can recover Mac volume after hard drive re-partitioning. It also supports recovery of files from external hard disk, USB flash drive, memory cards, FireWire Drives, etc. With the help of this powerful tool you will easily recover data from raw partition.

Following are the steps to recover deleted volume:

Step 1: Run the launched utility and then on welcome page, you will come across three options out of which, you have to select "Recover Volumes/Drive". Then you have to select "Volume Recovery" to recover back files from deleted volume .

Recover deleted volume - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Mac volume to retrieve deleted volume and start the recovery process. Then click on “Next” button to go to next step. After successful completion of the recovery process, you can view the recovered files.

Recover Deleted Volume - Preview Screen

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

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