Deleted Partition Recovery

Best Tool to Recover Deleted Partition on Mac

Most of the people divide the hard disk of Mac computer in different logical segments called partitions or volumes. To store various types of data like presentation, documents, projects, image, music files, video, applications, games, operating system in the same hard disk, partitioning is very useful. But, what will you do if any of your partition on hard disk is deleted accidentally from your computer? It is very common that, you will be scared after losing partition containing your important files and you must hunting for an application to perform deleted partition recovery. In such instances, Partition Recovery Mac is best-suited tool for you. It will help you to restore deleted volume in all circumstances on MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and all other versions of Mac OS.

As there are plenty of reasons behind deletion of partition from Mac hard disk, it will be useful to take a look on these reasons which might helps you to avoid them in future. Some of common reasons behind deletion of partition are described below:

  • Accidental Deletion: Most of Mac users delete their essential partition unintentionally while using Mac Disk Management tool. It is especially used to create, manage and resize volumes on Mac computer. Due to minute carelessness of you, an essential partition may be erased resulting in severe data loss. To recover erased HFS partition in simple clicks, visit:

  • OS Re-installation: In this age, re-installation of new operating system is very common to take benefit of useful and advanced feature of OS. If you have not installed OS properly, partition having important information may be deleted during OS installation on your system.

  • Error in Disk Partitioning: Partition on hard disk may be deleted easily if any error occurred during disk partitioning. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about disk partitioning operation, there is more chance to delete partition. But, volume recovery after repartitioning of hard disk is very easy by using this partition restoration tool.

  • Power Surge: When you are working on Mac computer for a long time, continuous power surge on Mac computer may results in deletion of partition from hard disk.

Earlier, deleted partition recovery on Mac computer was very difficult in those described scenarios. But, today you can restore deleted volume with entire data in same file structure using an effective restoration tool. Though it is very easy to restore partition after deletion, you should take some precautions when you are dealing with several volumes on your Mac computer.

If you fail to store backup, use Partition Recovery Mac application. Unique features of this utility will help you to rescue deleted and lost partition at one go. Even, if you want to restore deleted or lost partition from any USB external drive, then also it will assist you. It is very efficient to restore HFS, HFS+, HFSX formatted volumes on all versions of Mac OS X. This recovery application is always successful to restore all types of file including documents, media files, PPT files etc. Apart from deleted partition, if you need to restore any corrupted, damaged, formatted or inaccessible partition on Mac computer, do not hesitate to use it. If you want to restore data from external drive on your system with ease, you can follow this link:

How to perform deleted partition recovery on Mac:

Step 1: First launch demo version of partition recovery tool on your system and then select "Recover Volumes/Drive" on main screen. After that, you have to select "Volume Recovery" option to restore deleted partition on your Mac computer.

Deleted Mac Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2 : Now, choose the volume which has been deleted from your system and click on "Next" option to proceed.

Deleted Mac Partition Recovery - Select Volume

Fig 2: Select Volume

Step 3: When the recovery process completes, all restored information will be listed as fig 3.

Deleted Mac Partition Recovery - Restored Data

Fig 3: Restored Data

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