Formatted Partition Recovery

Want to Rescue Formatted Hard Drive Partition on Mac?

Most of computer user knows what exactly happens after formatting hard drive partitions. Generally, we create partitions on hard drive to arrange files in a categorized manner to make it easy to access these files. When you format a partition, complete data gets inaccessible from the partition or you can say partition gets empty that indicates you have lost all files from formatted partition. If you also have lost files after formatting hard drive volumes on Macintosh computer, it can make you utterly dispirited as lost files may have lot of importance in your life. But wait, it does not means that you cannot get back these files again. Everything will be same, as before if you succeed to save formatted partition on Mac and to achieve this job, you need an effective recovery plan that is use of Partition Recovery Mac software. It is the most trusted program to accomplish this task and recommended by excellent computer professional from industries.

While operating computer or laptop, most of users pass through a situation when they end with formatting hard drive partitions. Format operation may occur accidently after human mistakes, or when you perform it intentionally according to your need while managing computer files on partitions. The most common scenario that leads to hard drive formatting is simple execution of Format option after a right click on particular Mac partition. Apart from this, hard disk partition can be lost or delete while re-installing or upgrading the operating system program on your computer. During OS installation, it asks users to format existing partitions and at that time user may select other partitions also along with target partition hence lost priceless data with formatted partitions. Then, use this application to restore formatted partition with ease. Apart from formatted partition recovery, if any volume is deleted from your system, utilize this efficient tool to get satisfactory result.

On Macintosh computers, you can manage hard disk partition size with help of Disk Management Utility that is inbuilt tool comes with Mac OS. It allows you to decrease or increase the size of particular partition according to your need. While resizing Mac volume size, if there is existence of any error take place that leads to Disk Utility failure, it will result in loss of partition. Apple Partition Map (APM) contains information about data organization in logical partitions. Any damage or corruption to APM due to presence of bad sectors on hard drive, journal corruption or sudden system shutdown can result in missing or lost partition. However, you can easily restore lost partition after Apple Partition Map corruption by making use of the software.

Partition Recovery Mac is the software designed especially for retrieval of Mac hard drive partitions on all latest Mac OS X operating systems. Software enables you to bring back data lost from deleted HFSX, HFS+ Mac volumes with few clicks only. It very easy to use application that supports partition recovery on all popular Mac machines such as iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini etc. If you are using iMac computer and want to rescue hard drive data, just visit the link:

Recover Formatted Partition with 3 easy Steps:

Step 1: Download Partition Recovery Mac software and install it. After launching the software, select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from main screen as shown in figure 1. Then select "Volume Recovery" option and proceed to next.

Save Formatted Partition on Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select formatted volume and click on "Next" button to start scanning process as shown in figure 2.

Save Formatted Partition on Mac - Select HDD Volume

Figure 2: Select HDD Volume

Step 3: Once recovery process gets complete, you can view restored files with "Preview" option as shown in figure 3. You can save recovery session to avoid rescanning of hard disk volume.

Save Formatted Partition on Mac - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

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