HD Partition Recovery

How to Recover HDD Partition?

Hard drive of a computer is divided in some logical data areas called partition. User makes this partition to gather different types of file in a single data area. One can improve the performance of the system by creating different partition for different files; even to install more than one OS, partitioning is required. Sometimes, partitions gets corrupted and become inaccessible due to various reasons and it results in huge data loss to the user. Then any one can be helpless when the partition containing all the important data seems irrecoverable to him. If you want to rescue HD partition completely, you have to use partition recovery software which can retrieve files from deleted, damaged or corrupted partition. Though there are different types of reason behind data loss from partition, some important scenarios are discussed here.

Firstly, the common reason of data loss is accidental deletion of a partition which is made by user. It mostly happens at the time of reinstalling the operating system. Suppose, you have two OS in your system one is Windows 7 and other is Mac OS X Lion. You need to resize the Windows partition to increase the disk space. While reinstalling the Windows operating system you have accidentally deleted the HFS volume Where Mac OS was installed. But, one will be in trouble for the files in that Mac volume as he can’t find them back easily. In this situation, you have to use a third party tool to perform Partition Recovery Mac. This tool has a built-in scanner to restore data from the missing or deleted Mac volume.

Other than that, partition may also be corrupted due to file system corruption. There are many more circumstances for which the file system of the Mac volume becomes corrupted and then the total volume will be inaccessible. Sudden power failure, improper system shut down is the root cause of the file system corruption of Mac volume. Due to sudden power failure, the computer is shutdown forcefully and OS could not complete the read-write process on the hard disk, then file system of the volume may be corrupted. When the computer restarts after improper shut down it performs a quick check of the system that everything of the system is ok or not. Then the partition will be inaccessible if file system is severely corrupted. This tool can recover files from iMac hard disk due to volume header corruption or file system error. Besides recovery of hard disk partition, you can also use this partition restoration application to rescue partition from different USB drives also. If you have deleted or lost any essetial partition on USB external disk, employ this prominent tool to revive it effortlessly.

Apart from this there are some other reasons responsible for loss or deletion of partition. You may lose all data from the partition due to formatting or reformatting of the partition. If you accidentally select a wrong partition to format, it will result in data loss. You can employ this application to retrieve total volume in this case undoubtedly. Any user by making use of this tool can bring back items from partition flashing messages like "The HFS wrapper partition is damaged". Volumes on Mac may also be lost due to Apple Partition Map corruption. Like MBR in Windows, APM keeps the important information like number of the hard drive, location of volume in HDD, size of the volume etc. So, if the APM become corrupted the Mac volume becomes inaccessible. But, if you want to rescue the missing partition after Apple Partition Map corruption, visit the link immediately: http://www.partitionrecoverymac.com/recover-volumes-missing-after-apple-partition-map-corruption.html

Necessary steps to retrieve partition / volumes on Mac are as follows:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of Mac Partition Recovery Tool in your computer. After launching the software select "Recover Volumes / Drives"from the main screen.

Rescue HD Partition - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step-2 After that, in the next screen you will see two options. select "Volume Recovery" as shown in the figure below.

Rescue HD Partition - Recover Volumes / Drives

Fig 2 : Recover Volumes / Drives

Step-3: Then select the hard disk as the drive from which the partotion is to be retrieved and click on "Next". After successful completion of the partition recovery process you can preview the recovered partition from the connected hard disk.

Rescue HD Partition - Preview Screen

Fig 3 : Preview Screen

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