Recover Lost Volume

Best Way to Retrieve Lost Partition on Mac

Partition is a small portion of hard drive, which can be utilized as a separate disk. In Mac system it is known as a volume. Partitioning is helpful to manage data easily and to keep regularly used files separate from the system files. To make partitions on Mac OS X, various partitioning methods are used.  To divide a hard disk into various partitions / volumes, GUID partitioning scheme is used on Intel based Macintosh computers and Apple partitioning scheme is used on Power PC based machines.

However, the Mac partition will get corrupt or damage due to many reasons and you won’t be able to access files from the corrupted partition or volume. At this position if you want to get data from the corrupted partition, you have to make use of some third party tools. These tools are designed to perform partition recovery on Mac, by some industry experts. Most of the Mac users delete volumes accidentally and loses all important files stored in it. You may want to delete a volume in which you may have stored movies, but while deleting it you might have deleted its adjacent drive mistakenly. It hepls you to recover accidentally deleted volumes from Mac Lion based computer. It can cause loss of large number of files and it can affect your important work. Then you may want to recover deleted volume, in order to get back all files from it. But, you cannot perform volume recovery yourself; you should take help of data recovery software. The data recovery software will tell you how to recover lost partition within few minutes. To recover partition on Mac, one can make use of Mac partition recovery software.

The partition of a Mac computer can get corrupt due to virus attack, re-partitioning error, power fluctuation, software malfunction, etc. Not only the corruption of partition causes data loss, it can also happens when the drive was formatted accidentally. Formatting means erasing complete data from the drive or volume. No matter whether the drive was formatted or corrupted, you can recover it with the help of Mac partition recovery software. The data recovery from formatted Mac partition is possible by using this software because it has a strong inbuilt scanning techniqe that make smart and easy recovery. To know more, click here

To recover deleted or lost files on Mac, there are many recovery tools available in the market. So, here you need to be careful to get a good recovery application. Using inappropriate recovery software can cause loss of files permanently. In order to get a suitable recovery tool, first you should know the information related to your system. If you are using Mac OS on your system, then you can use Mac data recovery software. It is also important to be aware about file system in your hard drive because the recovery tools are developed to support a specific file system. Thus one can recover data successfully, only by making use of good and reliable data recovery application.

This is a powerful data recovery application designed, especially for Mac users. It helps you to perform volume recovery after file system corruption due to sudden power failure or virus attack. It is a read only application, so that you can recover original data without damaging or modifying it. You can recover all types of files on Mac, such as photos, video files, text file, music, etc. It can help you to recover a single file or complete directory structure. It is an expert's recommended tool which can help you to effectively restore files on Mac OS X Leopard with ease. To know more details, click here One can also download trial version of Mac data recovery software, to estimate recovery result before getting its full version. If you are satisfied with the demo version, you can go through the full version of this software.

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Follow these simple steps to know how to recover lost partition from Mac OS -

Step 1: Download and install Free demo version of Mac Volume recovery software and launch it. Select the option "Recover Volumes / Drives" from the main window, then select "Partition Rcovery" option from the next screen..

How to Recover Lost Partition - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the partition which is to be recovered. Finally click on “Next” button to proceed.

How to Recover Lost Partition - Select Volume

Fig 2 : Select Volume

Step 3: After recovering data successfully, view the files recovered from damaged partition.

How to Recover Lost Partition - Preview Screen

Fig 3 : Preview Screen


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