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There are instances when your iMac hard disk fails due to some reasons like virus attack or system crash, which leads to huge data loss. Then how will you restore your important files from iMac HDD? There can be nothing more frustrating than losing all your important files and documents from your iMac HDD. If you are a regular system user then you can very well know the pain of losing something that you hold precious. Don't Worry!! There are ways to get around with this issue. You can easily perform iMac hard drive data recovery using reliable Mac partition recovery software.

iMac hard drive is more like the conventional disk, which makes use of hardware components like platters, spindle, motor etc. to store data in it. These iMac hard disks usually have large storage capacity and therefore, are used widely. The fact, that these iMac HDD are similar to the system internal hard disk, makes it more prone to all data loss problems common among hard drives. For complete information to restore volumes missing after Apple Partition Map corruption, click here

There are instances when the volumes that you have created on your iMac hard disk are lost or damaged due to ordinary reasons like hard drive crash, malware attack, power surge issues leading to volume header corruption and partitioning errors then, data which are important on your iMac hard drive will be lost or it becomes inaccessible. In that case, you can recover data from damaged hard drive easily using this Partition Recovery Mac software. For more help, you can visit:

There is an added instance where you may format wrong volume. Consider a situation, where you want to format your D volume and by mistake you typed a volume letter E, then the data in the volume E will be erased. This unplanned formatting of the wrong volume from your iMac HDD may cause huge data loss.  So, care should be taken while typing the volume letter to be formatted. Sometimes, there are chances of data loss when you are copying files from your iMac HDD system to External HDD or vice versa. It also helps you to recover unintentionally deleted HFS volume on Mac Lion during hard drive repartitioning. To find more details,click here

So when you face these kind of data loss scenarios on your iMac HDD then don't save any new files to the disk from where you have lost data because, overwriting of data leads to permanent data loss. In order to restore files from iMac HDD you need to make use of relevant third party recovery application.

Mac partition recovery software is an effective recovery tool, which has two built-in definitive volumes scanning engine which retrieves data in effective way from accidentally formatted partitions/volumes and helps in hfs+ volume recovery from Mac. The software can also retrieve lost volume after Apple partition map corruption. It also contains inbuilt deep scanning algorithms which find and recover data from missing or deleted Mac volumes  which performs rigorous scanning to recover data even from inaccessible and missing volumes. With the help of this software you can also recover lost partition from notebook, iMac HDD, and iBook and Mac book. This software is safe to use and it is a read only application means it will not overwrite the data in unaffected volumes on your hard drives. Word file recovery on mac is also possible with the help of this software. Download demo version of this software evaluate the recovery results.

NOTE: By usage of this software any of you can easily recover files from unreadable Mac hard drive in a very effective way. For detailed knowledege about this software visit this link:

Follow the steps to perform iMac hard drive recovery:

Step-1: Connect the iMac hard drive containing lost Mac volume to any healthy computer. Download and install the demo version of Mac Partition Recovery Tool in it. After launching the software select "Recover Volumes / Drives" from the main screen.

Mac Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step-2: After that, select "Volume Recovery" from the next window.

Mac Partition Recovery - Choose Mac Hard Drive

Fig 2 : Choose Mac Hard Drive

Step-3: Then select the connected hard drive as the drive from which the lost Mac volume data is to be restored and click on "Next". After successful completion of the volume recovery process you can preview the recovered Mac volume data from the connected hard disk

Mac Volume Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Fig 3 : Preview Screen

Even though you recovered the lost iMac volume data, still you should avoid occurrence of such scenarios in the future by following few useful tips. Take proper backup of the partitions before you repartition your hard drive. Read all the instructions carefully before using the disk management utility. Use a UPS to avoid accidental system shutdown due to power failure.

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