Restore Lost Partition

Software to recover a lost partition on Mac OS X

I have configured my Mac OS X system hard drive with four different partitions. Recently my partition D has gone along with inside data, which has great importance for me, as there are lot of unique family videos, pictures and crucial Office documents. I have a strong belief that missing volumes can be recovered again but not have any exact idea to perform this task successfully. Please suggest me how do I recover a lost partition on Mac OS X?

There are number of users who come to this drastic condition while working on Mac computers. There are numerous factors, which contribute to these concerns. But, it would not be acceptable for anybody to compromise with important information and year’s hard work just because of partition loss. Therefore, you must take help of professional data recovery tool to make lost Mac volume recovery. Software like Partition Recovery Mac provides an easiest and optimum solution to restore lost partition on Mac OS X machines.

Factors, which are accountable for partition loss on Mac OS X-

Erroneous Re-partitioning- User may need to recreate partition from existing one for installing other OS on the system. If any error takes place or operation is interrupted during re-partitioning, it may result in loss of particular hard drive partition.

File System Corruption- On Mac, file system keeps track of all files and related information about existing hard drive partitions. Anyhow, if the file system is corrupted, it may result in inaccessible volumes. You may encounter error message like, “-127 fsDSIntErr internal file system error”. Such type error flashes if the Mac volume fails to mount or it is inaccessible. To restore data from unmountable or unbootable drive, follow this link:

Disk Utility Failure- if you want to manage hard drive volumes on Mac, Disk Utility provides you option to perform various type operations on hard drive for example, re-sizing partitions, deleting partition, formatting / re-formatting, file system conversion and so on. While performing any of these operations if the Disk Utility get fail due to any reason, it may cause partition loss on Mac.

However, soon after such fortuitous partition loss events, utilization of Partition Recovery Mac application is the best anticipation to get back lost partition on Mac OS X. With this app, you can recover a lost partition on Mac OS X after re-partitioning error in an efficient way.

Partition Recovery Mac software incorporates highly advanced data recovery techniques to offer easy and secure partition recovery operation. With this tool, you can recover a lost partition on Mac OS X after formatting, re-formatting, file system errors and after any other crisis. To restore partition after formatting, make a click here It is the cost effective app that has strong features to recover a lost partition on Mac OS X. One can employ this app to recover USB partitions by making a click on

Steps to recover lost partition from Mac OS -

Step 1: Download and install Mac Volume recovery software and launch it. Select the option "Recover Volumes / Drives" from the main screen. After that select "Partition Rcovery" option on next screen.

How Do I Recover a Lost Partition on Mac OS X - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Select the partition from the given list. Finally click on “Next” option to proceed.

Restore Lost Partition on Mac OS X - Select Partition

Figure 2 : Select Partition

Step 3: After complete scanning, you can view the recovered files from lost partition.

Get Back Lost Partition on Mac OS X - Recovered Files

Figure 3 : Recovered Files


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