Deleted HFS Partition Recovery

Did you unintentionally delete the HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion?

HFS is file system architecture on Mac OS X is well known for its improved design, better data manageability and security features. Although it has so many lucrative features, still it is not free from data loss scenarios. Among all data loss cases, accidental deletion is the mostly occurred scenario.

To illustrate this let’s discuss a real life scenario where, you have two different operating systems installed on the hard drive of your iMac. One is Windows 7 and other one is HFS formatted Mac OS X Lion. You just wanted to resize the Windows partition that was running out of disk space. After you uninstalled the Windows partition using Boot camp, you proceeded to reinstall it by adding some more memory space. While installing you have deleted some partition by mistake but could not realize which one exactly you deleted. After successfully installing the Windows partition when you restarted the computer, you found that the HFS volume is missing!!!!

The thing that bothers you much is not reinstallation of Mac OS X Lion, but loss of your valuable data that were in that HFS partition. Since you were performing Boot camp for the first time you ended up in accidentally deleting your Mac Lion HFS volume. By this time you must have assumed that the HFS volume data is gone forever. But did you know that you can still recover the deleted HFS volume data??? Yes, it is true!!! The HFS volume data will be present in your Mac hard drive even after the volume is deleted. Only the access pointer to the HFS volume is removed because of deletion. Therefore, no need to be worried now!!! Just make use of the software and get back HFS+ drive data in smart way.

All you need is reliable recovery software like Mac volume restore tool to retrieve the deleted HFS partition data. The software has a built-in scanner to retrieve data from deleted or missing Mac volume. However, to avoid Mac partition loss in the future, you need to be aware of some scenario that may cause volume deletion on Mac. This software get back the files from HFS partition in effective way whose MDB is corrupted.

While converting a dynamic volume to basic: When you want to convert a volume from dynamic to basic, you have to delete the dynamic volume first and then convert it to basic. However, there is a possibility of deleting wrong volume as the dynamic volume in such cases which leads to ultimate data loss.

While repartitioning hard drive: The HFS volume can be accidentally deleted during hard drive repartitioning. The hard drive related operations are generally done using Disk Management utility or Disk commands. Improper usage of the Disk Management utility or the disk commands on Mac OS X Lion can also lead to HFS volume deletion. For complete information, click here

Multi OS installation: The HFS volume can also get deleted by the user while  installing more than one operating system on Mac hard drive using Boot Camp utility. To come across such situations, you should use this software.

The HFS volume deleted due to any of the above scenarios can be easily retrieved by using MAC partition recovery software provided the deleted data should not be overwritten. Therefore, make sure that the hard drive containing deleted HFS volume data should not be used right after volume deletion. You should not install any software onto that hard drive before the deleted volume data is restored.

The software we are suggesting is one of the best partition recovery tools on Mac. This is read only software that does not affect the original content of the deleted data. It can easily resolve partition related issues on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and above versions. It can retrieve Mac partition lost after file system corruption. To know more, click here As said earlier in the scenario section, volumes can also be deleted / lost during repartitioning of Mac hard drive. In such cases, this software will make you understand how to recover Mac volume after repartitioning hard drive. The software supports partition recovery from HFS, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted Mac volumes. The restored volume data can be preview in Mac style finder interface. Other than deleted volume recovery on Mac, this software can also restore volumes missing after Apple partition map corruption.

Note: Click on to get complete guidance in recovering formatted HDD partition on Mac.

Now, the necessary steps to retrieve accidentally deleted HFS volume on Mac Lion are as follows:

Step-1: Connect the hard drive containing deleted HFS volume to any healthy computer. Download and install the demo version of Mac Partition Recovery Tool in it. After launching the software select “Recover Volumes / Drives” from the main screen. After that, select “Volume Recovery” from the next window.

Mac Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step-2: Then select the connected hard disk as the drive from which the data is to be retrieved and click on “Next”. After successful completion of the volume recovery process you can preview the recovered HFS volume data from the connected hard disk.

Mac Volume Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

A good backup file can help you to prevent data loss in the future. Therefore, always backup your important partition data. Try to read the instruction carefully while performing hard drive related operations so that you can avoid accidental volume deletion.

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