Recover Volumes After Corrupt APM

Recover volumes missing after Apple Partition Map corruption

Want to restore volume lost after Apple Partition Map corruption?

Then, try Mac partition recovery to restore missing Mac volume!!

You might have been in shock for a few minutes after you were unable to find an important volume on your Mac computer!!!! It must have taken another few minutes to believe that the volume is actually missing!!! You have no idea how and why that particular volume is missing from the hard drive of your Mac computer. How can you restore the volume back, if you cannot locate it???

Don’t lose your heart!!! You can retrieve Mac volume missing from your hard drive even though you are unable to locate it now. All this can be possible by using Mac partition recovery tool. This effective software can locate and restore your missing volume in a short span of time with the help of its built in scanning algorithm.

Apple Partition Map is the advanced partitioning scheme which has same function in the PowerPC based Mac computers as that of MBR in Windows Operating System. Apple Partition Map is otherwise known as APM that stores essential information such as number of volumes on the hard drive, the size of the volumes, their location in the hard drive disk etc. However, if the APM is corrupted or damaged due to any reason then the entire volume becomes inaccessible to the user.

The possible reasons behind Apple Partition Map corruption are discussed below briefly:

Corrupted Boot Sectors: If a boot sector becomes corrupt due to any of the common reasons like accidental system shutdown, virus attack or sudden power surge problems then the Apple Partition Map gets damaged automatically. As a result of this, the Mac volume may be missing from the hard drive.

File System corruption: File system corruption is a common problem on Mac which ultimately causes Apple Partition Map corruption. Even though, file system corruption can be prevented by journaling feature to some extent, still some reasons like sudden power failure problems, improper system shutdown, virus infection etc. can cause file system corruption on Mac. As a result, either the volume refuses to mount or becomes inaccessible. For more information, click here

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors in hard drive are caused mainly due to Overclocking, malware, intense read or write operations, power outages or over exposed to heat etc. If the partition Map is located after the bad sectors then the bad sector does not allow you to access the information from the Apple Partition Map making all the volumes inaccessible resulting in loss of data.

However, you need to follow some basic precautionary measures to avoid overwriting of the missing volume data on the hard drive. This is because once the lost volume data is replaced by some new data, then they cannot be retrieved by using any data recovery tool ever. Avoid usage of Mac hard drive after losing the Mac volume due to Apple Partition Map corruption to avoid permanent data loss. Do not install the volume recovery software on affected Mac hard disk. Save recovered data on the healthy system instead of affected hard drive

The unique features of this Mac partition recovery software are as follows:

It provides quick recovery of data from lost or missing HFS, HFS+ and HFSX volumes on Mac OS X, 10.5 x and above versions. The software has the ability to restore HFS volumes on Mac Lion after accidentally deletion, formatting or reformatting. The signature search option is available to find and retrieve different types of files on the basis of their unique signatures from the lost volumes. It also allows you to recover Mac partition lost after file system corruption. Capable of retrieving data lost from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro etc. The software can even more efficiently retrieve Mac partition lost during hard drive repartitioning due to faulty disk utility or sudden power failure. The recovery chance can be estimated by using the demo version of this software.

Easy steps to restore missing volume after the Apple partition map is corrupted are as follows:

Step-1: Connect the hard drive containing lost Mac volume to any healthy computer. Download and install the demo version of Mac Partition Recovery Software in it. After launching the software select “Recover Volumes / Drives” from the main screen. After that, select “Volume Recovery” from the next window to retrieve data from missing Mac volume due to APM corruption.

Mac Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step-2: Then select the connected hard drive as the drive from which the lost Mac volume data is to be restored and click on “Next”. After successful completion of the volume recovery process you can preview the recovered Mac volume data from the connected hard disk

Mac Volume Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

It is a best practice to take full and regular backup of your essential files either by using Time Machine or take a backup on some external storage devices like an external hard drive, USB drive etc. Use good quality of hardware to avoid bad sectors due to hardware problems

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