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Restore Mac Partition Data after File System Corruption

Are you unable to access Mac partition after file system corruption?

Don’t Worry, Mac partition recovery is the all-in-one solution for you!!!

There are certain reasons why you would have chosen to switch to Mac OS X. Mac systems are less prone to OS crash rather than Windows with fewer memory and booting related issues. Additionally, it provides you Boot Camp facility to run more than one operating system simultaneously on the same computer. Still, sometimes you lose your important data due to something called as file system corruption. When the file system on a Mac partition is damaged due to certain reason, the entire volume becomes inaccessible to the user.

I would rather give you a practical scenario to make the idea clear. Suppose, you need to access some really important files in your Mac volume urgently. But when you attempted to do so, you got some strange error message flashing on your computer screen like “-127 fsDSIntErr internal file system error”.

You must be feeling like hell when such kind of situation had happened at the time you needed the files most. But you really felt helpless, when you could not access the Mac volume after repeated trials. Now what??? Your important partition data is lost forever and you don’t even know the reason behind this!!!!

Just Relax!!! The situation faced by you is only due to file system corruption. But this is not the end. The Mac partition data is still in a recoverable state. You can do all this using effective third party software called as Mac Volume Recovery Tool. This software is well tested and verified by most of the Industry Experts and recognized as one of the best Mac partition recovery tool.

By now, you must be eagerly looking for the features of the Mac partition recovery tool. But before that, it is really important to know the root causes of file system corruption in Mac, isn’t it?? Therefore, you should be familiar them, so that you can take possible precautions to avoid them.

Sudden power Failure: Sudden power failure causes the computer to shut down forcefully without saving all the setting properly. Due to this the file system of the MAC OS X is severely affected. This is because; due to instant power failure, the operating system could not complete all the read write operating to the hard disk which causes OS malfunction and ultimately leads to partition corruption

Improper System Shutdown: Abrupt system shutdown not only affects the startup times but also causes damage to the file system. When you restart your computer after improper system shutdown, the computer identifies that it was improperly turned off and performs a quick check of the system to ensure that everything is ok. The CHKDSK utility scans your computer and fixes the issue. If the file system is badly corrupted then you need to use Partition recovery software to resolve the issue and to restore the data

Virus Attack: Viruses can cause corruption to the file system beyond simply attaching themselves to the files. Some viruses directly affect the master boot sector of the file system due to which the partition table gets affected. If partition table gets infected by virus then the entire Mac partition becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss. The software can even retrieve volumes after Apple Partition Map corruption. To know more, click here

The corrupted partition data can be easily restored using Mac partition recovery tool. However, you need to make sure that the data on corrupted Mac partition should not be overwritten. Therefore, you should keep that partition unused. You should neither save any files to that partition nor install any recovery tool on it before restoration. You should not select it as the destination for the recovered files also. If you preserve these conditions, you can successfully perform the partition recovery on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard and any other versions.

Other exclusive features of this Mac partition recovery tool include recovery of accidental deleted HFS volumes on OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. It performs deep scanning of the Mac partition with corrupted file system to retrieve all the inaccessible files and folders from it. It can sort the recovered data from the Mac partition on the basis of their size, name, date of creation etc. If you have accidentally deleted or lost any Mac volume while repartitioning the hard drive, then this software can restore Mac volume after hard drive repartitioning. For more information, visit here You can check the effectiveness of this software by using its trial version.

The procedure you need to follow to restore the data from Mac partition lost after file system corruption are:

Step 1: Download and launch the Mac Partition Recovery Tool. As soon as you launch the software, a main window appears with three options. Among those 3 options select “Recover Volumes/Drives” to recover data from inaccessible Mac partition. Then, click on “Volume Recovery” option from the next window

Mac Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Select the hard drive from which the Mac partition is to be recovered. Finally click on “Next” button to proceed. After recovering data successfully, view the files recovered from corrupted Mac partitions

Mac Volume Recovery Software - Preview Screen

Fig 2 : Preview Screen

However, you can avoid file system corruption further in the future by following some useful tips. Turn off your computer properly. Use effective antivirus software to avoid virus attacks. Use a UPS to avoid fluctuation in voltage resulting in data loss. Take backup of important partition data regularly.

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