Recover Files from Unbootable Hard Drive Mac

Mac Unbootable Hard Drive Recovery

Advanced user interface and hundreds of easily available application makes the Mac operating system preferable to most computer users. Like any other OS, it also deals with several hard disk volumes to manage different types of files efficiently. Unfortunately, you may come across with severe loss of data on your Mac computer in different instances. One of the important reasons behind huge data loss on Mac computer is unbootable hard drive. Hard drive can refuse to boot under some erroneous condition that is unknown to you. But, if it results to loss of all files and folders that is very important for you, then you must try to recover them as soon as possible. To make the recovery operation easy and successful, you need to employ an efficient recovery application. In that case, Partition Recovery Mac software will be best effective to recover files from unbootable hard drive Mac. Using this tool, you can retrieve entire data in different instances that makes the drive unmountable.

Let us take a glance on the frequent reasons that makes Mac hard drive unbootable and results to complete loss of files:

Deletion of System Files from Mac HDD: hard drives are logical partition on the disk and it contains different system files, applications, and user data. At the time of booting, the system files are mounted by the OS and it gathers information about all information about stored data. During deletion of unwanted data, if you delete any system file from the hard drive, then the Mac operating system will refuse to boot and you lose all information from hard drive. After that, Partition Recovery Mac is best option to recover files from unmountable hard drive.

Hard Drive Crash: It is another reason that results to loss of all data from Mac hard drive. Hard drive crash on Mac computer may results after erroneous re-partitioning, driver issues, improper usage, file system corruption, bad sectors formation due to aging, hardware faults etc. After that, the crashed hard drive will not boot making loss of all information. Take help from this link to recover data from hard drive after re-partitioning:

Boot Sector Corruption: There are some viruses heavily dangerous for boot sector of Mac hard drive. These viruses mainly attack on the boot sector and corrupt it severely. As a result, the hard drive on Mac computer refuses to boot. No worry, you can recover files from unbootable hard drive on Mac employing this efficient utility. However, one can simply tap here to restore data from Mac hard drive with great ease.

Apart from these instances, if any of your important drive on Mac computer refuses to boot, you can employ this Partition Recovery Mac program for instant data recovery. It supports data recovery on HFS, HFS+, HFSX formatted drives on Mac computer. Using this well-known recovery utility, you can recover files from unbootable hard drive on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mavericks. If any of your Mac volume is formatted, corrupted or damaged, this application will be also effective to restore entire data from it. Visit this link to restore all data from a formatted HDD on Mac easily:

Steps to Recover Files from Unbootable Hard Drive Mac:

Step 1: Download and install this application on your Mac system and then launch it. On the main screen, select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option to restore data from unbootable hard drive.

Recover Files from Unbootable Hard Drive Mac - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the unbootable drive from the list of drives and click on "Next" button to proceed.

Recover Unmountable Mac Partition - Select Unbootable Drive

Fig 2: Select Unbootable Drive

Step 3: After completion of successfull recovery, view recovered files by using preview option.

Recover Unbootable Partition on Mac - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

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